Club Policy

he Club courts are now open for use but on a very restricted basis.   The current club policy is below  

What is currently being allowed:

  • You may play singles with another member 

  • You may play singles or doubles with members from the same household

There are 3 overriding principles underpinning all the measures: maintain distancing; minimise contact;  frequent washing of hands.

This means that at all times members should follow this guidance at the club:

  1. Have no physical contact and maintain a minimum 2m distancing between players unless already from the same household
  2. Minimise unprotected contact with communal surfaces and objects that could carry the virus
  3. Frequently wash hands to reduce physical transmission of the virus

What you are specifically required to do:

  1. Do not come and play if showing any of the virus symptoms, however mild
  2. Play with your own tennis balls (best to mark them).
  3. Provide your own towel and hand cleanser
  4. Take home any of your rubbish including water bottles etc
  5. Avoid touching communal surfaces and play your part to keep everything clean (e.g. in WC, basin taps, court winders etc).
  6. Book a court in the normal way online to minimise unnecessary gathering and waiting
  7. Wash your hands after (and also preferably before) operating club lock and gate

Measures to be implemented by the club to help facilitate safe practice:

  • The clubhouse will remain closed.  The outside lavatory will be open and available
  • The nets on courts 1 and 3 will remain up to minimise need to operate handles (more if there is demand).
  • We will try to acquire sanitiser dispensers and/or improved hand washing facilities but in the meantime you should rely on bringing your own.
  • A limited supply of new balls will be made available for you to mark, use and keep.  An online club payment is requested to offset the cost.
  • 1-to-1 coaching can be arranged. Please contact Ben (07464 193555 ) or Matt (07835 705286) for details
  • The First Aid kit will be temporarily relocated in the outside lavatory.

The measure above deliberately avoids being over-prescriptive to keep it short and lay out the principal DOs and Dont’s.

Recognised club sessions can take place whilst observing the above restrictions and limitations.   This may include the need for pre-planning numbers to avoid waiting groups. Court priority remains on a maximum of 3 courts to allow for other users.

Please be responsible and most importantly,  use your common sense .  
This way we can return to some play and maintain our collective safety.