The tennis club, the courts, and clubhouse are all freely available for the use of the club members. Access is controlled at the gate and a Club house key is available from the membership secretary.

There are four main elements to the routine tennis activity:

  1. PRIVATE which is organised by a number of members
  2. SOCIAL – centrally coordinated and run generally as routine sessions and to which members are invited to sign up to and join in
  3. TOURNAMENT – those club members signed up to the club tournament play a series of matches in the summer season culminating in a finals day in September. Open to all club members.
  4. LEAGUE – this is the entry into the Summer and Winter Aldershot and District LTA League playing a number of local clubs in various men’s, ladies, mixed and junior teams.

Court Booking

For all play less the league events and established routine club sessions (which are centrally booked) the courts should be booked through the online booking system through ClubSpark.   You will only be able to make a booking if you have signed in to ClubSpark.   At the moment it is only available to club members.


Balls are provided for league matches and various social events. After any such event, the club provided balls are to be returned to the ball rack in the clubhouse for the benefit of all club members and additional social and private play. Balls are not to be removed as they are the property of the club for club members.

Ball Machine

The club owns a ball machine a Spinshot Player.   The full user manual is here.    The club’s use and security instructions for its use are here and key instructions will be attached to the machine.   It is available for the use of members and will be signed out and in again using the book in the clubhouse.   It is weak with the battery and will work better when plugged into the plug at court 4.


Court lighting is operated by pressing the respective court button in the clubhouse or on the light pillars between courts 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.   Holding the same button for over 5 seconds will turn them off.    A built in timer restricts use to an hour at a time and a red light on the court pillar will indicate the lights will turn off shortly.  Reset by pressing the respective court button if play is to continue.


Guests are welcome but only when accompanied by a member. The member is responsible for paying the guest fee of £2.50 each and entering the name in the book held in the clubhouse. Payment can be made by contactless card payment at the machine provided.  Guests can only be invited for up to six sessions before they are then obliged to become a member.