What’s Happening At Your Club?

Dear Club members

Some updates for you.


There are a couple of minor glitches which we are trying to solve which involves the online enrolment form.   Unfortunate timing is not great given that this would normally be the most used period just now, but bear with it, we are trying to fix as soon as possible but the people who make the software plug-in to produce this feature know about it and are fixing, as well as working on some things at the login stage.   

 However, the website will eventually provide the means to :

  • read all news, stories, event details and any club updates like this email (in the future you will we invited to read online)
  • download enrolment form
  • see the calendar for all events —  by events and certain activities (eg, social or league tennis) and ability to sign-up to events where required.
  • Links to league fixtures and club results and LTA’s BTM
  • Manage the club tournament and its progress  —-  entry (taken from your enrolment form), draw, match results form etc
  • access to picture gallery
  • and coming soon, the option to buy clothing   (see below)

when signed up as a member too (register on the site, fill in annual enrolment form and pay the fee), you will be able to:

  • Book a court —  no longer on the paper book in the clubhouse
  • access the  club contact lists
  • see any other important posted documents:  committee meeting minute, AGM, league match forms, rules etc etc.   (We can add yo this as required).
  • Importantly, by allowing push notifications you can be reminded of events and news posting on the website, by categories if that is what is required (eg generals news (sent to all) and say, league tennis information or coaching, or social tennis, or……)

I am looking forward to it all working swimmingly well and also then having other club members having limited access to contribute themselves to posting news, event details, fixtures and so on.     The website should be considered the place to find info, sign-up, contribute and generally manage your club membership and play.   Please bear with the early teething issues but also help me make it really good, newsy, interesting and up to date.   Submit any sort of article + photo etc to me.  Help make it your club!

League fixtures.    

They are now all available to view on the ADLTA website (that will be linked to ours) .   The fixtures are all in this website calendar. 

Generic Emails

Key appointments will use generic club appointment emails.   They are being rolled out now.   You can see mine is Chairman@frimleytennisclub.org and there are similar for  all.   I have attached your committee list (again, available in the members area of the website)


Congratulations to those who successfully drew out a ticket for the chance to have one of the 12 pairs of tickets the club was allocated.   I have entered this in the LTA website and you should have by now been contacted by the LTA regarding tickets and payment.   I think the club draw process together with playing tennis was a resounding success from the feedback received.   Great to see all four courts over-flowing with players.   Well done for those who opted-in to the ballot process to boost the club’s allocation and well done for those who made the 25th March such a success .    We will adopt this again in 2019.   Read more  here


Let me remind you we are already into the new season and annual club membership.   Until the online form is working smoothly please use the downloaded form (found here)  to complete manually or electronically and send back to Alec.   3 things to draw to your attention:

  • Membership is required to play at the club and all members are to hand back their yellow shoe tags and replace with this years red ones.  You can have them once you have handed the old ones in and paid new membership.    Please help police this during the year.
  • The bottom of the form requests you ‘opt in’ for use of your personal data (for notifications/contacting)   and use of your photos (e.g for website).      It makes life rather more complicated should you choose not to as this makes communication and an all-inclusive website more difficult to manage but we will need to respect your choice.   I encourage you to please opt in   —-  a requirement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into affect in May
  • We need your forms in a timely manner for Bill to start organising the club tournament and for the league teams and fixture planning to get under way.   Not a paid up member ?   — you cannot play for the club.

Please note, Bill Forrest has kindly agreed to take on the tournament running this year

Gate Code

The gate code will change at the end of the month and distributed to all enrolled 2018 members.


The committee agreed with the view that we should have some club clothing (complete with logo).    We have started to team up with the company started by an ex-tennis coach who recognised that small clubs wanted clothing but did not lave the resources to hold stock etc.   This will ‘shop’  will therefore be for a series of items which will include the club logo, probably an option to include personal name or initials and may have the option to have “tennis” or ‘tennis Club’ on the back.   The beauty is that you order  and pay direct and it is delivered to your door.   We are looking to narrow down the choice and get /buy some samples to see quality and sizing.    

It is something to be available to all club members and will include a small range of popular items.     The purpose is to have something with your club identity and, for those playing representative league matches, to have a little more team identity.   Team League players will be particularly encouraged to buy-in which will help us feel and look like a team and club.         Perhaps it is the ex-military in me (!) but we do lack any form of ‘uniform’ which does not help foster ‘esprit-de-club’ or ‘esprit-de-team’ and after all, you have to have something to play in and you play for, and represent your club.   Lets hope this gains traction and support but accept this is not a condition of membership !    (yet!!)

Ball Machine

We have been given an old ball machine.    However, we have decided it maybe past its best so are looking to procure a portable version.    When procured and the rules written for its use it will be a fantastic training enhancement for those wanting to hone their skills on their own.    Importantly, it will be provided with pressure-less balls.  It is imperative that individuals take responsibility and keep them with the machine.


Darren has conducted a small survey regarding balls.   We will see what type to adopt this year.   An important criteria is to have those that last well on our type of courts.   Standby for more info.   We are also considering purchasing a set of pressure-less balls for club use as they last several times longer than the normal ball and we are assured that the general feel and performance is good and very comparable  for normal club social use.    Again,   Please ensure they remain in the club, perhaps on a different rack.

Club Captains will draw their quota for the series of summer fixtures though can I remind all that post match balls are to be returned for club social use


A date for a tennis afternoon and annual BBQ is 30th June.   Please note in your diaries.  More info to follow in due course.

Club Session Reminder

Well done for those who soldiered on through the horrible evening yesterday but lets hope for better weather to come.   The roll-up Wed evening mixed club session is now up and running from this week.   Early in the year we aim for a start from 6pm


All this will be available only on the website in the future.   It will be the place to see and read such parish notices and news.

If you have got this far, thank you —  you deserve a gold star!       But now, the courts have been cleaned at a cost of some £1100, the screens will soon be up, the sun is finally shining and I smell tennis in the air!    Looking forward to a great season.   More to come on website functionality,  articles and  photos really help its content —  please contribute.

All for now