What’s Happening At Your Club?

Dear Club members

Please refer to the March Newsletter sent on 26th Mar to all members.

In summary:

Website and Enrolment:

Most of website now good and running well.    Glitch remains with online application form for membership so temporarily suspended.   Download option instead

League fixtures.    

Summer fixtures listed under the ‘Fixtures’ tab and on ADLTA website .  Matches start 29th Apr .    Some debate on teams and respective divisions that will be resolved over next few weekscalendar. 


11 Pairs of tickets have been allocated.  28th Apr is the club ballot for those Opted-in, BTM members


Bill Forrest will again take the lead in running but assisted by Mike Feasey 


Clothing is good although a few teething problems.  The company is learning!   They have capped delivery costs at £3.50 per order and will gradually provide more exact measurements in future to ensure less surprises at time of delivery

Ball Machine

Up and running in the locked cupboard.   battery or mains operated.   Please follow the guide and instructions that are there and sign-out when used.   ket is in key press in Gent’s changing room.   Same number as gate.


Plan for w/e 8/9th Jun.   Details to Follow

Club Session Reminder

With change of clocks going forward, the summer routine clicks in.  details in newsletter and will be in calendar.   summer season starts 3 Apr.


If you have suggestions, concerns or issues about the way the club is run and its activities then please raise to your committee, in the first instance to the secretary   (secretary@frimleytennisclub.org) .   However, and it is a big HOWEVER! the club is run by volunteers within the financial resources we have and the membership that joins.   So constructive and achievable suggestions are always the most useful though if there is a problem we also want to know

All for now