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Spurred on by a strong start to the summer league, the intrepid mixed team launched positively into their latest encounter, a home match vs Avondale.   Expecting the upper hand, as the visitors were away from their coveted, thick pile carpeted courts and playing on a ‘normal’ hard surface, the home team started off with a spring in their step!

With 3 players making their debut; Heather, Brian and Anthony ‘mini-shirt’ Howes it was a brave effort but it soon became apparent that the much bigger Avondale club had a team both strong and consistent and after the first two rubbers the home team looked battered and bruised —  literally, with ‘I-can-squeeze-into-my-shirt’ Howes tumbling onto the court in a valiant effort to reach another Avondale winner!   Yours truly and Heather struggled all evening to find form whilst Wendy and Brian snatched one, well earned win, but it was left to the dynamic pairing of  ‘this-shirt-does-fit’ Anthony and a gutsy performance from Jacqui that got the crowd on their feet as they too managed at least one win clinching the nail-biting 10-8 tie-break.    So, we went down 7-2 but ended up smiles all round as it was an enjoyable evening of tennis and the weather was kind.   Thank you team and what a great performance from the team’s newbies especially ‘I-like-my small-shirt’ Anthony!!      Next match on the 18th.